Nice to meet you!

This is Ralph, I'm the founder and strategy director of Clarity Solutions

We help businesses grow by generating new streams of leads and prospects through online advertising.

And we build strategies to turn these new prospects into new customers.

Basically... we keep your phones ringing off the hook!

" Ralph brings a breath of fresh air to my marketing and sales processes.

Lawrence Klamecki

CEO, FunnelProfits

" Ralph just does incredible work.

Andrew Warner

Founder & CEO,

" Ralph can do anything I can dream of when it comes to implementation, he is truly a unique blend of marketing AND technical expertise, the shit he does just works, and I have 100% trust in him and work with him as much as I can.

Dane Maxwell

Founder, Paperless Pipeline

" Ralph is a total bad ass. I was blown away by how he did things and how I didn’t have to know any of the technical details. he just handled it all for me. So grateful to have his support on my side.

Andy Drish

Co-Founder, The Foundation

" Seriously man, it's a pleasure to work with you. You are the most organized guy I know. KING of follow up and follow through. Solution creating expert.

Frank Mocerino

Founder & Sales Coach, Selling On Purpose

" Ralph brings a combination of marketing insight, knowledge and experience you are unlikely to find elsewhere. Working together was an extremely straightforward process, I recommend working with him if you are looking for someone who can truly execute from beginning to end and has very high standards.

Steve Erl

Owner, Balsam Pure Nutrition

" Ralph is amazing and crushes what he does. He's super dedicated and you can always count on him.

Caleb Hodges

Head Of Marketing, FunnelDash

The clients I work with are companies and organizations that want to...

1. Increase the quality and quantity of leads to their business
2. Increase their number of customers
3. Increase their sales conversion rate
4. Increase customer loyalty and referrals
5. Increase margins and profitability
6. Be accountable with every dollar spent on marketing

Digital marketing can be overwhelming for a lot of businesses...

People get caught up with SEO, Adwords, Keywords, Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing, CRMs, analytics, their own websites and on and on...

However, these are merely tools... much like a hammer to a builder.

Obviously, a hammer maybe an essential tool for every house builder, but it's merely a tool among many other tools...

All these tools have to be used within a cohesive "building plan" for them to be effective in building a great home..

This is what I do; I help you create and execute that "building plan" to reach your growth objectives!

And this goes beyond getting your website fixed, or your ads working right..

You know your business better than anyone else...

And you know what areas have the biggest potential for growth..

As well as what the sticking points are...

And you know that with the right action plan, processes, and tools in place, all working together to achieve your objectives, you can significantly grow and stand head-and-shoulders above all competitors in your market.

Think about it...

How many of your competitors have streamlined systems in place to attract, engnage and unlock new opportunities with your ideal prospects in the market?

How many of them are following-up on every single lead and deal they get? (using automated systems)

How many have their processes streamlined to maxamize logistical effeciency and speed?

How many are tracking their cost per lead and cost per sale down to the cents and are constantly improving?

How many are generating more leads and opportunities than they can handle?

More importantly, would it be useful to you if your own business could answer YES to all the questions above?

If you'd like us to have a chat, shoot me a quick "Let's talk strategy" email at

Thank YOU,